NORTH EAST RACE EQUALITY FORUM Information Briefing No. 6 How far have we come?

How far have we come? Lessons from the 1965 Race Relations Act


Omar Khan

Director, Runnymede Trust

This is the first of two Information Briefings kindly provided for us by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The first was written by Omar Khan from the Runnymede Trust and was first published on December 8 last year. Further information about the Runnymede Trust and the events and reports to which Omar Khan refers are available from the Trust at www.runnymede

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first Race Relations Act in Britain.

The Runnymede Trust has held a major conference and today publishes a collection of articles examining how far we have come since the 1965 Race Relations Act on this anniversary to mark this somewhat undernoted anniversary.


NORTH EAST RACE EQUALITY FORUM Information Briefing No. 5 Who damages our economy?: migrants or the banks?

When a community and society work together they are stronger than the parts that make up that community and society, as are our football teams and families. So here in black and white are the facts with regard to where our (that is communities and society’s) money has gone and who contributes to our communities and society.


Criminal Justice System Report

On 24 February 2010, BECON organised a regional themed event on engagement of BME communities with the Criminal Justice system in the North East. According to a recent document, Tackling Race Inequality, A Statement on Race, published (January 2010) by Communities and Local Government the over representation of minority ethnic people in the criminal justice system was the main concern of respondents to their consultation. The document notes that a black person is eight times more likely to be stopped and searched by the police, six times more likely to be in prison and three times more likely to be arrested than someone who is white.

More in the report below ..

BECON Criminal Justice Event March 2010

BECON Criminal Justice Event March 2010


BECON State of the BME sector 2004

Several recent studies of BME groups in the North East have been conducted. All the studies have identified similar issues (which are
discussed at length in the findings section) but they have been constrained by focusing on sub-regional areas with limited sample sizes and by focusing on BME communities as a whole rather than just voluntary and community activity …
Please click on the image for the full report

BECON State of the BME sector 2004


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