North East Race Equality Forum formed

North East Race Equality Forum formed

Press release

Members of prominent race equality organisations met in Durham on December 3 and agreed to form a Race Equality Forum for the North East Region. Organisations present included those working with migrants, refugees and those seeking asylum, women’s groups, Black and Minority Ethnic community organisations and groups working on specialist aspects of ‘race’ in the region. Sectors represented included the criminal justice system, the police, local government, voluntary and community sector organisations, economic development bodies and health bodies. The Forum is not intended to replace any of the individual groups and organisations working in the region on race equality issues but to provide support, research, information, workshops, conferences and seminars to promote the issue of race equality at a time when it appears government and many other organisations have turned their back on equality issues as a whole.

The Forum will be supported by researchers from all five Universities in the region and will commence work early in the New Year. Those present argued that ‘race’ is disappearing from political and policy agendas and that the issue of racism remains a serious one both at individual and institutional levels, both regionally and nationally. Since the death of Stephen Lawrence 17 years ago, for example, more than 100 Black and Minority ethnic people have been the victims of racially-linked murders.

The aim of the Forum will be to ensure that all organisations treat the issue of ‘race’ and racism seriously, comply with the requirements of the Equality legislation and ensure that minorities can contribute fully to the region’s life.

For further information, contact:

Professor Gary Craig

Professor Maggie O’Neill maggie.o’

Dr Ian Fitzgerald

Ms Jenny Johnstone

Gordon Taylor accuses football of ‘a hidden racism’ over black managers










Gordon Taylor has accused football sides of “a hidden racism which holds clubs back” when it comes to appointing black managers and called for the introduction of the “Rooney Rule” in use in American football to ensure that black candidates have an adequate representation on interview shortlists for coaching positions.      READ MORE

The Big Lottery Fund opens doors to european funding for voluntary sector

The Big Lottery Fund opens doors to european funding for voluntary sector 

The Big Lottery Fund will be making £630,000 available in programme development funding for voluntary organisations across England to raise awareness of the funding opportunities available through the European Social Fund (ESF).

Racism is still with us – let’s stop lying to ourselves

Mo Farah celebrates winning gold in the men’s 10,000m at the London Olympics. Photograph:
Our vision of ourselves for global consumption is one of a post-racial Britain. But a survey shows that it’s patently false. The 2012 Olympics, with images of Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah happily draping the union jack around their brown shoulders heralded the dawn of a post-racial Britain. Or so went the script. The image of ourselves presented for global consumption was one of a rainbow nation in which hard work and determination could overcome racial prejudice. After the heat of that summer, we strode along boasting of how much had been achieved, likening racism to an endangered species soon to be fully extinct within our progressive society. A survey of British social attitudes by NatCen, reported in this newspaper, proves otherwise: racism is on the rise.

How rise of ‘white flight’ is creating a segregated UK: Study reveals white Britons are ‘retreating’

As a result, nearly half of ethnic minorities – 4 million people – live in communities where whites make up less than half the population, the study by the Demos think-tank found.

Demos said the survey showed a ‘spiral of white British demographic decline’ as white Britons choose to leave minority-dominated areas.

Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said the findings should make us ‘a little anxious’, and were ‘not good news for the cause of integration’.

He said: ‘What ought to make us a little anxious is the “majority retreat” it has unearthed – white people leaving minority-led areas and not being replaced.’

In 2005, Mr Phillips warned Britain was ‘sleepwalking into segregation’ as the UK was dividing into ‘ghettos’ of particular races and religions.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the MigrationWatch think-tank, said: ‘This is extremely serious. It is undeniable evidence that we have indeed been  sleepwalking into segregation as Trevor Phillips warned, and it is the clear result of Labour’s mass immigration policy.
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